Connacht Senior League

A Tribute


The following table lists the League Champions and sides who finished Second. Goal differnece did not count so occassionally Play-offs were needed. An exception is the case of the 94-95 season where the League was split into two groups so a Play-off was mandatory. In 95-96 the season had two divisions, the table only shows details of the Premier Division with First Division details in its own table

Season Winner Runner-up Play off

R: 2nd Replay after two 2-2 draws

Gr: League split into 2 groups with group winners meeting in a play-off final. Top 3 teams in each group would go into a Premiership and the rest into a first division

Pr: This season had a Premiership and a First Division.

First Division

A second tier division that lasted just one season

Season Winner Runner-up

Senior Cup

The following table lists details of the Senior Cup Finals. This was the main knockout competition involving the Connacht Senior clubs. However champions from the four junior leagues were also included and they are highlighted with a (J)

Season Winner Score Runner-up

R: Replay after 1-1 draw

R-p: Replay won on penalties after 1-1 draw

Challenge Cup

The following tables list details of the Challenge Cup and Millenium Cup. The Challenge cup was a straight knock-out competition taking place during the second half of the season and which (unlike the Senior Cup) was for Connacht Senior Clubs only. It stopped in 1994 when restructuring of the league was happening though the Premiership cup intitially had the same format. During the last season of the league a similar competition in all but name called the Millenium Cup also took place, shown in its own table.

Season Winner Score Runner-up

Millenium Cup

Season Winner Score Runner-up

League Cup/Shield

The League Cup was the first competition of the Connact Senior League era as the early rounds took place before the league proper began. Initially it was all two-legged knock out rounds but changed to group stage. Towards the end of the eighties it was renamed the Shield and finals changed from two legs to one. The competition ceased before restructuring of the league altough a later competition, the Premiership Cup, was changed from a straight knock out to a League Cup/Shield style competition

Season Winner Score Runner-up 1st Leg 2nd Leg

S: Competition re-named 'Shield'

E: Second leg needed extra time, Westport led 1-0 after 90 minutes

F: Finals changed from 2 legs to one game

Premiership Cup

After the league split into two divisions it was decided to give both their own individual cup competitions. These were straight knock out cups taking place in the second half of the season much like the Challenge cup. Despite the league returning to one division after just one season the name Premiership was retained and also the Premiership cup. In 1997 the Premiership cup then became a League Cup/Shield style competition with a pre season group stage and a one-off final played in early winter.

Season Winner Score Runner-up

First Division Cup

Season Winner Score Runner-up

Incentive Cup

Curious competition setup initially as a one game cup to reward two teams who'd shown improvement on their previous season presuming that they were not in the running for other trophies. Looking at the games this criteria was not always followed as for example UCG were in the 86 final despite also being in a league play-off and other cup finals that season. In the 89/90 season it was changed to a multi-round competition for sides knocked out of the first round of the Challenge Cup. In its final two seasons after this no records of the finals could be found, possibly they didnt take place which maybe why it was scrapped.

Season Winner Score Runner-up

S: Know finalists and winners but not score

N: No record of competition this season, league only had 6 teams this season

M: Changed to a Multi round competition from a one game competition

P: Castlebar Celtic win on Penalties

F1: No record of final or winner. Finalists were Ballinasloe and UCG

F2: No record of final or winner. Finalists were UCG and an unknown

League of Ireland Cup

In the late eighties the League of Ireland invited non-league clubs to take part in their own League Cup. It was decided to send a Connacht Senior League XI probably based on the fact they beat Munster and Leinster XI's in the same year. The League of Ireland cup used regional based group stage and Connacht Seniors were put into a mid-west group with the Galway United senior side as well as Limerick City and Newcastlewest(then a League of Ireland side). In 1991 it was decided to send in the Senior League champions instead of an XI. Though if one of the Reserve teams won the league then the highest placed non-reserve side would take their place.

Ko: This season was Knock-Out only with no group stage

Sp: Finished Second in the league behind Sligo Rovers Reserves who were ineligible

Tp: Finished third in the league behind Sligo Rovers Reserves and Galway United Reserves

Interprovincial Games

The fledgling league were offered a selection match against a Munster league eleven to take place towards the end of the 83-84 season. Connacht lost 2-1 in Ballinasloe and over a year re-matched again losing 2-1, however Connacht did have the better for a lot of this game. A few months later they got to play the Leinster selection, losing 2-1. It was decided to try a proper series between the 3 provinces and the first series was a Connacht success in 87 as they beat Leinster 1-0 and Munster 2-0, though they did lose both fixtures the following season after which it ceased being played. In 1996 an Interprovincial Cup took place, with the Ulster Senior League on board. Connacht were finalists losing on penalties after winning a shootout to get to the final.

One off Interprovincial Games

Season Winner Score Runner up

Interprovincial Series

Interprovincial Cup

Stage Winner Score Runner up